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dtngactorsrp's Journal

Degrassi the Next Generation: The Actors
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Select Members , Moderated
The rules:
*Yeah every community has them so you just have to deal*
1. You must have a journal before applying and it must be updated.
2. You must have an AIM name before applying.
3. No boring journal names or AIM names please...be creative and think like the actor.
4. This is an actors RP and not a Degrassi: The Next Generation RP.
5. No OOC fighting. If you do so and We, the mods, find out, you are cut no questions asked.
6. Cursing and Sexual content is allowed.
7. Bring as much drama as you like. We are drama addicts...which means PLEASE BRING IT!!!
8. Please feel free to expand your character...just dont stray too far from their original personality.
9. If you read the rules please put: Enrique called. He wants his shirt back.
10. You must update 3 times a week...failure to do so will result in being cut.
11. You must be on AIM 3 hours a week...failure to do so will result in you being cut.
12. If for any reason you will NOT be able to update or be on AIM, please notify a mod and then make a community post.
13. If you have any questions about anything, please contact one of the mods. We are your friends...we do not bite.
14. If you read the rules instead of putting: Enrique called. He wants his shirt back. Please put: I'm not mean...I'm right.
15. We are starting from the filming of "Ghost in the Machine."
16. Also just stay active, have fun, and please PROMOTE!

The mod info:
Name: Kaci
Character playing: Shane Kippel
Journal name: shanerocks
AIM name: TakeItAwayShane
Personal journal: hotpink2116
Personal AIM name: Take it AwAyXOX7

Name: Sara
Character playing: Lauren Collins
Journal name: lovefromlauren
AIM name: LoveFromLauren
Personal journal:sarabear22
Personal AIM name: SaraBear22

Taken Characters:
Deanna Casaluce- //deannna//AIM:
Lauren Collins//lovefromlauren//AIM: LoveFromLauren
Shane Kippel//shanerocks//AIM: TakeItAwayShane
Melissa McIntyre//jazzy_mel_mc//AIM: Jazz is life mel
Adamo Ruggiero//adamoisdabombo//AIM: AdamoIsDaBombo
Cassie Steele//wonderfullycass//AIM: WonderfullyCass

After you have been accepted, we will add your name to the community after you have joined it, so make sure that you do!